Baker's Game FreeCell

Baker's Game is renowned as the most difficult Freecell Solitaire variation known to man. It plays similarly to the card game Freecell, but in Bakers Game you must build stacks by suit, NOT by alternating color.

As in Freecell, beat Baker's Game by getting all 52 cards into the four foundations in the top-right corner. You can place cards from the tableau into the four free cells in the top-left corner--but, always make sure you have a plan for getting that card out, beforehand.

Baker's Game Freecell Strategy

  • Build stacks of cards by suit
  • Get all 52 cards in the foundations (top right) to win
  • Same movement rules as freecell solitaire: 1 card + # of empty spots
  • Most difficult version of the card game Freecell Solitaire


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